Free Holiday Villa in Pattaya

Would you like to come and stay in one of our Luxury Villa’s in Pattaya for Free?

Holiday Villa in PattayaYou can choose which Villa you stay in, and as long as you have earned enough days with our customer bonus scheme, you can choose any dates not already booked on our booking availability calendar.

You can start earning your Pattaya Villa Free Nights by sending us customers or by staying longer than 2 weeks at either of our Luxury Villa’s.

For every customer you send to us who stays more than 3 weeks at our Internet Prices. You get 1 Night Free next time you stay with us.

For every time you stay for more than 3 weeks at our Internet Prices. You get 1 Night Free next time you stay with us.

You may think that it will be difficult finding us customers, but its not. The easiest way is to tell everyone you know and for them to tell everyone they know.


All you have to do is show your friends and family your Villa Holiday Photos and put them on your Facebook Page, Twitter, and other Social Media you use to stay in touch with friends & family and add our link. Ask them to do the same and suddenly you have a massive network of friends and family who will start taking their Pattaya Villa Holidays with us, and you keep clocking up your Free Nights.


To encourage all your Social Media Network of Friends, Friends of Friends and Family to mention you when they book either of our Luxury Villa’s in Pattaya, we also give them 5% Discount on stays of more than 2 weeks as long as they mention your name.


You come and have a great Holiday. You go home and do what everyone does, and talk about your holiday and show your photos, then you put your Photos on your Social Media pages. That’s it; you are now earning Free Nights.

Nothing could be easier than getting Free Nights at:
Pattaya Luxury Villa Rentals.