Big Buddha Statue in South Pattaya

A short distance from your Luxury Rental Villa in Pattaya is Wat Khao Phra Bat temple on a hill overlooking Pattaya Bay features a Buddha statue more than 18 meters tall. Pattaya Viewpoint (Buddha Hill) is a well-known landmark in South Pattaya, providing a complete view of Jomtien and Pattaya. It is dominated by a massive big Buddha statue painted in gold, some 300 feet above Pattaya’s coastline.

Overlooking Pattaya Bay

18m Golden Buddha

Forty years ago Pattaya was just a small village with a few huts scattered along the beach. With financial assistance from some wealthy business people and contributions from the community, the monks of Pattaya built the Big Buddha by hand. It was originally white but was later painted in gold.

Surrounding the Big Buddha are ten or more smaller Buddhas each with their own role in life and seven of them represent the days of the week each of which is a guardian for those born on a particular day of the week. And then of course there was this buddha that became so tired that he decided to get some rest

There were about 100 or so steps leading up to the Buddha statue, but not too steep and easy to walk up.

A few steps to climb to get to the top but worth it

Touch the carved snake at the side of the steps as you walk up & down the stairs for good luck

It is reached by walking up the long set of steps flanked by two golden snakes (naga).

The Wat is always busy: bus loads of tourists speaking a variety of languages, locals paying homage, and the sound of clicking cameras, can always be heard. Here you can have your future told, release birds to ensure good fortune, and talk to the local monks. Around the ‘Big Buddha’ are other Buddha statues, for the days of the week and for aspects of the Buddha’s life. Unlike most Wats there is no crematorium here.

To get to the Buddha from our Rental Villa’s takes a few minutes on the back of a motorcycle taxi or in a songtaew, costing only a small amount for transport and free to visit it gives you a chance to see the views over Pattaya and to take some photographs of these stunning statues in their respective poses.

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