Transport to Pattaya

Booking our Pattaya Villa Rental Transport Service is the easiest way to get from Suvarnabhumi Airport to your luxury vacation home in Pattaya. The road to Pattaya from the Airport is a New 3 and 4 Lane Toll Road and is very quick and easy although you may be surprised that cars overtake on both sides of you, as you will usually be in the wrong lane along with most Thai drivers. There is a small charge on the toll road (under 100 Baht) which will either be included in your price or not depending on what you have agreed with your driver, or if you have arranged your Villa Rental Airport Transport Service through us, and your chosen method of transport to Pattaya.

If you have booked our Pattaya Villa Rental V.I.P Airport Service (2,000 – 6,000 Baht) your representative will escort you through all this with your luggage, and through the arrivals hall where you will see many people waiting to greet family and friends, or Taxi Touts or pre-booked vehicles with drivers holding name cards, and they will take you outside where your driver and vehicle will be waiting to put your luggage into your vehicle, and get you settled in comfortably with a cold bottled water and a cold face cloth so you refresh yourself.

If you have just booked Pattaya Villa Rental Airport Pick-Up Service (2,600 Baht) with us you will need to turn to your right and you will see the driver in the group of waiting people holding a board with your name on it and with a heading of “Pattaya Luxury Villa Rentals”. He will take you out to your safe & licensed vehicle and bring you directly to your Vacation Home in Pattaya stopping on the way for you to get a drink or use the toilet if required.

If you are not using our V.I.P Airport Service you can either choose to use the Limousine Service from the Airport Booking Desks, or you can go outside to the Public Taxi Ranks where you queue to buy a ticket and then when a driver is available you will get into the Yellow Taxi and leave the Airport on your way to Pattaya. (1,500 – 2,500 Baht)

If you are traveling in a group of more than 2 or 3 you can use Pattaya Villa Rental Mini-bus Service (3,000 – 5,000 Baht) as long as you have pre-booked it and are staying in one of our luxury villa’s in Pattaya, many of the Taxis have gas tanks in the trunk/boot of the car and it doesn’t leave a lot of room for big suitcases.

Travel light or book our Villa Rental Private Minibus Service, with loads of room and even a DVD Player to watch a movie on your way to your Pattaya Luxury Villas.

The alternative transport arrangements can be a little more problematic unless you have visited before and know your way around.

One option is that, at some stage you will definitely be approached by Taxi Touts (800 -1,500 Baht) who will offer you a cheaper rate than the Public Taxis (Yellow) by using a Private Car. Beware these are unlicensed cars and do not have any passenger insurance or vehicle safety inspections or qualified drivers. (Some of the Taxi Drivers in Thailand with licenses are bad enough so beware the ones moonlighting in any old car they can get hold of).

Many times they will get you into a reasonable condition car at the Airport and this car will then leave the Airport and drive you outside to another parking area where you will be expected to change vehicles (Usually into an older vehicle).

You can also get to Pattaya by Coach which is very cheap option and has good condition coaches, to find these you go to the ground floor and go to exit 7 or 8 where you will see 2 booking desks inside the terminal for the bus services to Pattaya.

The Coaches leave approx. every hour 8am until 9pm with each company doing alternative hours. One of the companies charges (124 Baht) and the bus takes you to Jomtien with a few stops on Sukhumvit Road if people want to get off before the end stop.

The other company charges you (200 Baht) and takes you to the Main Bus Station in North Pattaya Road where you will get off and get into one of their Mini-busses for transfer to your Luxury Vacation Home in Pattaya or whichever Hotel you are staying at in Pattaya included in the price.

The Airport is approx. 1 hour 40 Minutes until YOUR ARRIVAL IN PATTAYA.

Obviously we recommend you to use our Villa Rental Transport Service so that we can take care of you from the time you arrive in Thailand until the time your holiday ends and we return you safely to the Airport but some guests prefer to arrange their own airport transfer.

Whichever method of transport you decide to book please ensure you keep your luggage and valuables safe during your travel and do not leave any baggage unattended at any time.

If you have booked to stay at either of our Luxury Vacation Homes in Pattaya for 15 days or more you may be entitled to our free Airport Car Service. Check our Villa Promotions to see if you can travel for FREE.