How to plan for your holiday in Pattaya, Thailand.

Visiting Pattaya will give you an amazing holiday in Thailand and staying in one of our luxury villa rentals will ensure you all the comforts of home which usually works out cheaper than staying in a Hotel.

Thailand is situated in South East Asia and covers an area of 198,455 square miles (514,000 square kilometers) the population of Thailand is over 61 million. With a coastline of 2,000 miles (3,219 kilometers) and hundreds of Islands some of which are well developed Tourist Destinations and some of which are uninhabited except for a few local fishermen. Thailand’s climate is tropical with 3 seasons. A cool season from November until March a hot season from April until June and a rainy season from July until November.

Although Thailand is seasonal you will find that anytime of year is suitable for a holiday especially Pattaya which is situated on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand and not as prone to the big variations in temperature as most of Thailand due to the Gulf of Thailand breezes bringing warm air along the coast and inland and the mountain ranges further inland that prevent a lot of the rainfall from ever reaching Pattaya.

If you are planning a Holiday in Pattaya, Thailand you will first have to buy your flight tickets which vary in price depending on which airline you are flying with and which class of booking you decide to make, and also where you buy your ticket from. There are lots of offers on the Internet but most of your high street travel agents will be nearly as cheap and you do have the advantage of speaking face to face with someone to ensure the departure and arrival times are what you want along with any stop-overs you might face on a long haul flight. The choices for flight tickets can be based on cost only but be aware that it is approx. 12 hours flight from Europe so you may decide a stopover for a couple of hours is a good idea so that you are able to stretch your legs and have a coffee or a cigarette, and with a stop-over it usually works out a bit cheaper for your Ticket, but do try not to get a stop over which takes too long as this can make the whole trip very tiring. Whichever flight you decide on make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes for the flight.

Your Holiday should start from the time you leave your home to go to the Airport so try and make things as easy as possible for yourself.

Make sure you have booked your Pattaya Vacation Home as there is nothing worse than hunting for somewhere to stay after a long flight.

Arrive at your Airport in plenty of time; ensure you have Passport, Flight Ticket, Money, Credit Card and your Hotel or Luxury Pattaya Villa Rental Business Card with a telephone number and map on it. If you are a smoker it is a good idea to take some nicotine patches to make things easier as a non-stop flight means you will probably not get a chance to have a cigarette for anything up to 16 hours with check in times and clearing customs and Immigration when you land.

Thailand is a hot country and you will not need any coats, jumpers, gloves or hats unless you are planning to travel to the North of the country during the Cool Season or you are going to be returning to your own country during winter time.

Try and travel light, too much baggage makes life difficult, and if you are staying at one of our Vacation Homes in Pattaya you will only need some clothes and toiletries as we supply everything else, including a 24 hour laundry service for the clothes you do decide to bring.

Try not to drink any alcohol before or during your flight as it dehydrates you, so if you like a few beers drink lots of water as well.

Have something nice to eat before you leave home as it will prevent you getting hungry and stressed while in the Airport in your own country waiting to board for your Pattaya Luxury Villa Holiday. Once you are on the airplane that’s it there is nothing more you have to do until you arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.