Wangpo Elephant Camp

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When you have come to visit  at Kanchanaburi city already ,can’t miss to see nature land, “Wangpo-Elephant Camp” where far from Kanchanaburi city about 30 minutes. You can come to follow walking car route number 323 public number road at 3343 or, you will come here  by train dies route, you will have touched with the nature  by elephant riding travels through forests in the area about 25 a farm, together with see the beauty of wood plant many the complexion on the way.
Moreover, you have still to see the way of life bumps against hill tribes who seeks can see difficult. Besides, still not enough when you still can go downstream with the raft the bamboo on the history river route that names  a Quear Noi river. Last but, still not at last, if you still have enough  time, we have the activity takes a bath to elephant, which you will have been closely to with elephant. Everyday OPEN 08.00 AM. – 04.00 PM.

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