Find out with us! Come experience the thrill of freefall with our experienced instructors. There is no feeling like jumping out of an airplane flying at 13.500ft. Falling at 200km/h, you will freefall for 50 seconds and then fly around with the parachute for several minutes.

When you arrive at the airfield, you will first need to fill out some paperwork. After that’s done, you will be given a briefing on all aspects of the jump. You will be told what to do during the exit, freefall and landing. You will then get geared up and on the plane.

After the plane takes off you will have about 15 minutes to enjoy the scenery while the plane climbs up to altitude. Before jump run, your instructor will do a final gear check, tighten all the straps, and then you jump from 13.500 feet! The freefall will last approximately 50 seconds, depending on a number of variables. The instructor will open the parachute, and then you fly around for some time before you land back on solid ground.

After landing you will be presented with a Tandem Skydive Certificate.

Book your skydive with us.

Make payment for the jump with cash or pay by credit card credit card.

We provide transport to the jump site from our holiday homes in Pattaya and pick you up after.

Wear (or take with you) comfortable clothing with long sleeves and trousers. Even if it is hot on the ground, it’s always colder up at altitude. Wear running shoes or sneakers. Sandals or shoes with large heels are not suitable.

Skydiving is a high risk activity; you may be injured or killed as a result of your skydive. Seriously.

Alcohol and skydiving do not mix. Do not drink before jumping. If you are under the influence of alcohol, you will not be permitted to jump.

Maximum weight for tandem passengers is 95kg. Passengers up to 105kg may be able to jump with special restrictions.

Minimum age for all tandem jumpers is 18 years.

Weather must be suitable for jumping. Excessive wind or clouds will prevent us from operating. In such a case your jump will be re-scheduled.

Prices: Tandem skydive 10.950 baht
Hand Cam video of you’re skydive 2.500 baht

This article was written by Nam. She works at “Holiday Garden Resort” which is a private road with Luxury Villa’s for holiday rentals in Pattaya, Thailand. Her husband is English and has lived in Thailand for 9 years and has traveled extensively throughout Asia.

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