Tiger Temple

Although a trip to the Tiger Temple near to Kanchanaburi can be done in a day we recommend you stay the night in one of our previously visited suitable places to stay and do a tour of the local attractions including the Tiger Temple which is an hour or so away from your Thai Hotel but centrally located to see the other attractions.

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The Tiger Temple is set in expansive grounds with many animals to see but the highlights are the Tigers who are cared for my the monks and can be seen walking with the monks on chains. They offer different experiences from feeding the Tiger cubs to watching the Tigers play in a large pool and waterfall with the staff joining in the games that the Tigers play. An incredible sight to see a dozen Tigers play fighting and chasing toys which the staff hold up for them to swipe and jump after with the same excitement as a domestic cat but watching a dozen full grown Tigers playing the same games without attacking any of the staff is a unique experience, and you are within a few feet so can get some fantastic photographs while standing behind a 1.5m chain link fence which is the only thing seperating you from these beautiful animals.  You can choose to go early in the morning and tale alms with the monks followed by breakfast for you and then go and feed the Tigers and the Tiger cubs followed by a full day if you want just wandering around the grounds and seeing the deer, buffalo and other animals within the grounds.

There are a number of different options when you visit the Tiger Temple.

Option 1:

The Temple is open for regular visits between 12pm and 4pm and the entrance cost for this is 600 Baht per Person.

This is a regular visit and you will wander around the large Temple grounds and see the Tigers walking with the monks and handlers visiting certain areas of the grounds where you will be able to have your free photograph taken up close to the Tigers when they are chained to rings set in the ground and the handlers will be next to you. For an extra 1,000 Baht you can have some more personal photographs with the Tigers. You will then be able to explore the Temple grounds and see other animals wandering around and some of the Tiger cubs which are in pens.

Option 2:

Private morning visit opens at 7.30am – 11.15am and the entrance cost for this is 5,000 Baht per Person.

With this option you arrive at the grounds and make Alms with the monks which involves making food offerings to the monks and eating breakfast with them. You will hen help to feed the Tigers and cubs and also help bathe the cubs. You then exercise the Tigers with their handlers and watch them at play, during this time there will be lots of chances to get some great photographs.

Option 3:

Watch the Tigers play 4pm to 4.45pm the cost of this is 500 Baht + the entrance fee of 600 Baht per Person.

This option is a chance to watch the Tigers at play down by the waterfall where you will be close to the Tigers behind a waist high fence the Tigers right in front of you with the handlers playing with the Tigers. Great for photographs and having an up-close experience with the Tigers and some great photos and video opportunities.

Option 4:

Tiger Cub Feeding experience is from 12.45 – 1.30pm and 2.15 – 3pm the cost of this is 1,000 Baht + the entrance fee of 600 Baht per Person.

With this option you are taken to the private area where they feed the cubs and you will be given a cub to feed and play with as it sits on your lap and plays with you as a kitten does. A nice experience as most people never get the chance to spend individual time with a Tiger cub during their life.

The transport from Pattaya can be either a car or minibus depending on the number of people you want to go with and the price of transport would change if you are planning to stay overnight as the trip each way is about 5 hours. Depending on which options above you would like to book would depend on the departure time from our Rental Villa’s in Pattaya and the total cost of the trip.

I would suggest you stay for a night or 2 in the area and visit the national park and the other things of interest around Kanchanaburi which our driver will happily organize for you. If you are planning to make a few days of it I will suggest some suitable accommodation for you and the driver will be on hand to sort out everything as you go. I would also recommend using our minibus service which has a DVD player inside due to the amount of time you will be traveling for it is nice to just relax and watch a movie.

Any further information you want on this or the other places to visit in that area let me know and I will send you details.

Visit our YouTube link to see the Tigers at Play.

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