Where to eat in Pattaya

Staying in one of our vacation homes in Pattaya gives you lots of options with regards to eating as each of our holiday rental villas has a full European kitchen which means you may decide to either do some cooking yourself using our pattaya vacation home grocery shopping service and cooking at your holiday villa, having a BBQ around the pool area maybe using our pattaya rental villa staff hire option and employing a cook for your villa holiday or ordering from our pattaya villa rental menu.

Pattaya is full of places to eat starting with food carts on nearly every street serving anything from deep fried frogs and crickets to BBQ Pork or Chicken, Kebabs, Fruit, Pancakes, Sticky Rice with Sweet Mango and Seafood. Many Westerners are concerned about eating from these carts but if you are in a fairly busy area you can virtually guarantee the freshness of whatever is on offer as the Thai’s prepare the food at home and take it to the street to sell and don’t go home until they have sold everything ready to do the same again the following day.

Next are the small open shop counters with Pies, Pizzas and Cakes which can be found at the side of the road in most of the Tourist streets. A great place to grab a burger or a slice of Pizza to soak up some of the beer as you walk from bar to bar.

Even the majority of the bars will have some sort of Menu or will happily go and get a snack for you while you remain seated at the bar with a drink in your hand.

The Thai style restaurants with plastic chairs and tables sometimes look a bit dirty or scruffy but they offer a wide variety of mainly Thai Dishes and some of these places are of exceptional quality and value.

Western style café, coffee shops and Greasy Spoons are also in abundance and are very competitive if you like a full English breakfast or Pie & Mash or any other dishes you are likely to be craving on your Pattaya holiday.

Next are the Take Aways with all the big company’s including Burger King, KFC, & McDonalds plus everything else from many independent outlets including Burgers and Pizzas to Indian, Chinese and Fish & Chip shops which are all around the Tourist areas and great if you fancy taking a snack back to your Hotel or our vacation homes you can.

Moving on to the air-conditioned luxury restaurants serving fine cuisine from all parts of the world including French, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Russian, Brazilian and all sorts of Fresh Seafood.

There is so much competition in Pattaya with food outlets that nearly every place serves good value for money although some are obviously much better than others, many times it is the surroundings that cost you the extra money and not the quality of the food.

Nearly all the Hotels have Restaurants and some of the bigger ones have Buffet lunches or Dinners that would make your mouth water. When you go to one of these you may spend a bit more than your average meal but the choice available is amazing from fresh oysters and Shrimp to whole pigs roasted on a spit with a massive choice of soups & salads and other beautifully prepared and presented dishes. And you can eat as much as you want.

Most of the shopping malls have food courts which are the equivalent of a canteen for many westerners with numerous different stalls preparing a variety of dishes at very reasonable prices.

Even sitting on the beach you will be approached by the Deckchair Hire people to see if you need a menu and the many hawkers wandering up and down the beaches selling Ice-Creams, BBQ Seafood, Hard Boiled Eggs, Pies and Cakes.

We also do a selection of Thai and Western Dishes delivered directly to your Luxury Villa between 6am and 8pm so that you are able to relax and eat before going out for the night or to wake up with your Breakfast ready and on the Dining Table. Our maid will clear the dishes and do the washing up after you have finished eating.

Finally there is the option of having food delivered to our vacation homes where you are staying, with 2 big company’s having over 20 Top Local Restaurants on each of their Menu’s giving you a wide selection of International Cuisine delivered direct to your holiday villa door with some remaining open 24 hours and many other Restaurants also offering a delivery service if required.

The choice of food in Pattaya is quite amazing and you shouldn’t be shy, try all sorts of food in all styles of eateries and you will find some incredible food at a fraction of the price of going out to eat in the west.

A List of my favourite Restauarnts

The prices below are based on an average for one person having a couple of drinks with a 3 course meal and will obviously vary depending on your taste in food and drink.

Mata Hari: A very good air-conditioned Restaurant serving high quality Western and Thai food in lovely surroundings with excellent waiting staff and a very extensive wine menu. The cost of eating here is 1,000 Baht +.

The Mantra: A very good air-conditioned Restaurant serving high quality Western and Thai food in lovely surroundings with excellent waiting staff and a very extensive wine menu. The cost of eating here is 1,000 Baht +.

Buondi Italian: A very reasonably priced small relaxed open restaurant with quality homemade Italian food and Italian wines. 500 Baht +.

Dusit Hotel: Big hotel with a number of quality restaurants and a great Buffet for an extra special meal with so many dishes to choose from you will never be able to try them all. 1,500 Baht +.

Montien Hotel: Big hotel with a great Buffet for an extra special meal with so many dishes to choose from you will never be able to try them all. 1,200 Baht +.

Crazy Daves: Cheap and cheerful British style Bar/Cafe with Only Fools & Horses playing on the TV all day where you can enjoy basic English cooking with everything from a full breakfast to all your favourite pies and sweets. 400 Baht +.

MK: Korean style BBQ with plenty of dishes and a big pot of boiling water in the middle of the table to throw all your pork, chicken, seafood and vegetables in and cook yourself. The Crisp Duck & Pork with chilli sauce is one of my favourites. 300 Baht +.

Fujirama: Japanese food served in a relaxing atmosphere with plenty of choice especially for those not used to eating Japanese food. 300 Baht +.

Little Italy: Small 2 storey air-conditioned restaurant serving good quality Italian food and wine in a relaxed enviroment. 400 Baht +.

Beefeater: Air-conditioned restaurant serving Thai and Western food. Some of the best steaks in Pattaya in my opinion. 600 Baht +.

Swiss House: Air-conditioned restaurant serving lots of Swiss dishes and other Western food with the Fondue being one of the best I have eaten. 600 Baht +.

This article was written by Nam. She works at “Holiday Garden Resort” which is a private road with Luxury Villa’s for holiday rentals in Pattaya, Thailand. Her husband is English and has lived in Thailand for 9 years and has traveled extensively throughout Asia.

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