Your Arrival In Thailand

If you are staying at one of our Luxury Villas in Pattaya you will find it easier to book one of our Airport Services to ensure your holiday starts totally stress free. We will start our introduction with your Arrival in Thailand at Suvarnabhumi Airport as most of you will land here.

You will land at the airport and leave the plane, as you walk through the airport there are a number of Toilets and Smoking Rooms available on the way to Immigration if required. Your first thing is to go through Immigration Control which is well signposted, make sure you complete your Arrival Form & Visa Application when you are still on the plane to make things quicker and easier than trying to do while you queue up.

The Immigration has a number of desks to produce your Passport at, and you should go to the Foreign Passport Holders queue, unless you are holding a Thai Passport which means you would go to the Thai Passport Desk, or if you are holding a Fast Track Ticket which we can provide for you if you are staying in one our Pattaya Rental Villas for a small charge, or you are flying Business or First Class where you will be issued a Fast Track Ticket by the Airline, or if you have an ASEAN Member Card.

There are sometimes fairly long queues so if you don’t like to wait around we advise you to use our Pattaya Villa Rental V.I.P Airport Service (2,000 – 6,000 Baht) or our vacation home Fast Track Ticket Service which either ensures you are met as you leave the aircraft and are escorted through the Fast Track lane or if you have just used our basic villa rental Fast Track Ticketing Service you go alone to the Fast Track Counter without an escort.

At this time you hand over your Arrival Form and Visa Application Form to the Immigration Officer, sometimes they will ask to see you Flight Ticket, he/she will scan your Passport Barcode and a counter top Camera will take your photograph which is then linked on the computer to your passport scan and arrival details. (No Hats, Sunglasses or other Facial Coverings).

Unless you already have a Visa for Thailand issued in your home country you will be issued a Visa by the Immigration Official. Please be polite and patient.

Your Visa is usually valid for a 30 day stay in Thailand but it does vary depending on your nationality. Some nationalities must obtain a Visa from the Thai Embassy or Consulate in their own country prior to traveling so please ensure you check with your travel agent when booking your flight ticket.

After passing through Immigration you will see large screens in front of you telling you which baggage carousel your bags will be on.

In the baggage hall there are a couple of bathroom facilities and a couple of travel desks offering Limousines to Pattaya (2,000 – 4,000 Baht), we however recommend you use Pattaya Villa Rental V.I.P Airport Service as the same representative who met you at the plane and Fast Tracked you through Immigration will now take you to a private room where you can relax and have a coffee or cold drink while the representative goes off to collect your bags from the Carousel.

If you haven’t used our Pattaya Villa Rental V.I.P Airport Service you must collect your own bags from the correct Carousel and load them onto the trolleys which are near to the Baggage Carousels.

After collecting your luggage from the correct carousel you will follow the exit signs and be passing through the Customs Check, the officers sometimes scan or search your bags and sometimes they don’t.

If you have more than the legal allowance in alcohol, cigarettes or any other items, there are boxes in front of the Customs Lanes where you can leave them without being fined, where as if you go through Customs with excess Allowances or banned & restricted goods you will have the goods confiscated and may be subject to duties and fines. (Do not bring anything Illegal into Thailand they have VERY STRICT LAWS).

When you have passed through Customs you will enter the Arrivals Hall with a couple of banks to exchange some money straight in front of you and another couple of Limousine desks to your left and right offering you transport to Pattaya. If you are using our Pattaya Villa Rental Transport Service you will be met and guided to one of our vehicles and brought directly to your Luxury Vacation Home in the heart of Pattaya.

If you are not using our Airport Transport Service please visit our Transport Page or read other articles in our Blog for the best choice of travel to suit you.