Pattaya Hotel Vs Private Rental Villa

Where to stay for your Holiday in Pattaya is a decision worth spending some time over as the options are almost endless. You can choose anywhere depending on what you want to spend and there are some choices that are better than others. Pattaya has a wide choice of Hotels, Guest Houses and Private Vacation Homes ranging from 400 Baht a Night Rooms to 15,000 Baht + for a 4* or 5* Hotel Room with lots of choices in between including our Luxury Villa Rentals.

The first thing you should be thinking about is deciding what you want from your Accommodation in Pattaya. If you want a nice clean room with air-conditioning, Cable TV, Mini-Bar etc, then you have gone beyond the 400 Baht range already as these are mostly rooms in small Guest Houses with fairly basic living standards.

Maybe you want a Swimming Pool or Garden Area maybe having a Kitchen to make some of your own meals and snacks, what about Location, Free WiFi, Daily Maid Service, DVD Players the list goes on and on. Our vacation homes have it all.

If you are trying to decide between staying in a Hotel or your own Private Rental Villa here are some things to consider:

Pattaya Luxury Villa Pattaya Hotel Comparisons on Price & Services Provided
GOOD GOOD Location
YES YES 24 Hour Check-in/Check-out
YES YES Daily Maid Cleaning
LOCAL YES Public Restaurant
LOCAL YES Public Bar
YES YES Room Service Food Menu 6am – midnight
YES NO Kitchen
YES YES Air-Conditioning
YES SHARED Dining Room
YES NO Living Room
YES (50 units per day) YES Free Electric
YES YES Mini-Bar
NO YES 24 Hour Security
YES YES Free Water
YES YES Tours & Trips
YES YES Transport Service
YES YES Laundry Service

If you have looked at the comparisons you will find a lot of positives in booking your own Luxury Rental Villa in Pattaya. Obviously there are some things you will find different to staying in a Hotel but if there is anything we can do to improve your stay you can be assured we will do our best to make everything as easy and comfortable as possible for you and your family or friends at our Luxury Vacation Homes.

The other Major consideration is cost:

If you are staying in one of our 3 Bedroom Villa’s as a Single or Couple and using only 1 Bedroom it obviously works out more expensive than staying at a Mid-Range Hotel. If however you stay in one of the Better Hotels in Pattaya a room will cost you the same if not more than a Private Villa, with nowhere near the amount of Private Space you get in our Luxury Villa’s, so even at this level Holiday Rental Villa’s are very competitive.

If however you are coming on Holiday with friends or family and consider renting 3 Rooms in a Hotel then you will find even for a cheap to mid-range Hotel it will cost you more than staying in our Pattaya Vacation Homes and as you can see by the comparison listed above we give you much better value for your money.

If you hire full time staff service for your Villa Holiday it will give you the added luxury of having someone to make you snacks and serve you drinks all day, and even keep an eye on the children if you want to go shopping or have a sleep while the children are swimming, knowing they are under a watchful eye and if they want a drink or a sandwich someone is there to take care of them, and if you decide to go out in the evening we can even offer you a babysitting service so you can really enjoy your holiday in Pattaya.

This article was written by Nam. She works at “Holiday Garden Resort” which is a private road with Luxury Villa’s for holiday rentals in Pattaya, Thailand. Her husband is English and has lived in Thailand for 9 years and has traveled extensively throughout Asia.

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