Big Buddha Mountain

Situated Approx. 20km away from our luxury rental villa’s in Pattaya is an image of Buddha carved into the mountain and inlaid with gold. The Image is over 100m tall and is set in some beautiful gardens surrounded by Thai countryside and overlooking an enormous lake.

Laser Cut image of the Buddha

Only 20 minutes from our Villa's in Pattaya

This Buddha image is supposedly carved out of the cliff face by laser. However, close up with a good telephoto lens or binoculars  will show you that the gold outline is actually millions of small golden tiles placed into hand crafted crevices. The truth is probably that the image was projected onto the cliff face to allow the Thai craftsmen to see where they should be working

It is however a magnificent and very different Buddha image than those normally seen in Thailand.

At the Laser Buddha area there are some nice gardens and a few superb specimens of trees. The mountain is over 100m tall and is surrounded by lovely gardens and a large lake to the left hand side. There is a good view point for taking photographs. As you enter the area you will have your photograph taken and when you return to the car park you will be offered a framed photograph or a photograph which has been put onto a display plate. These photos are a nice holiday souvenir and are not particularly expensive and the vendor is not pushy about getting you to buy one so you are free to decide yourself if you would like one. There are a couple of huts selling cold drinks and there are toilet facilities.

The  famous laser-sculptured Buddha image at Khao Chi Chan Cliffs is conveniently situated next to Silver Lake

A view of the mountain

Big Buddha Mountain

Vineyard, so it is easy to see the two attractions in one trip and even go from there to the Chinese Temple which is very near and well worth a visit.

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