Tiger Zoo

Situated approx. 30 minutes from our rental villa’s in Pattaya is the Tiger Zoo.

The zoo has many different animals and shows including a Crocodile show and an Elephant show along with the Tiger show.


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The zoo also has numerous animals for the children to feed including pony’s and deer along with caged animals to wander round and see during your visit including a Thai lady with a hundred scorpions walking over her body.

They have a section where they show you how clever Pigs can be in counting from cards they place on the floor which is also worth a look.

In the childrens zoo area you can buy food for the animals and feed them and also have your photograph taken with Monkey’s, Tigers, Deer, Rabbit’s and Snakes.

I am sure you will be amazed to see Tigers in cages with dogs wandering around without fear and in the inside Tiger maternity section you will see Piglets with Tiger striped coats suckling from Tigers and Tiger cubs suckling from Pigs.


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They have a large lake area with a bridge over the top where you can buy chicken meat and lower it from the bridge on a bamboo cane and string to the many hungry Crocodiles below who will reach up to devour your offering with great interest.

If you feel hungry yourself there are a few stalls with food and drink available including mouth sized bites of Crocodile meat if you would like to try something different. You will enjoy it.

This article was written by Nam. She works at “Holiday Garden Resort” which is a private road with Luxury Villa’s for holiday rentals in Pattaya, Thailand. Her husband is English and has lived in Thailand for 9 years and has traveled extensively throughout Asia.


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