Month: August 2011

Beaches near to Pattaya Villa Rentals

Our Local BeachesLocal to our Rental Villa's

Nice clean beach

The Beaches of Pattaya are not the best Beaches in S.E Asia but you can still do any of the following: sit, relax, eat, drink, water-ski, jet-ski, paragliding, banana boat, swim, fish.

We have numerous beaches along our coastline stretching for miles. Some of the beaches within a few minutes of our Luxury Vacation Homes and some where we can arrange for you to be taken by car or boat. All the beaches have their individual characteristic’s and we can always find the one that suits you best.

If you would like to go to the local island off Pattaya it only takes 15 minutes by speedboat or 40 minutes by public

The water off Koh Larn is crystal clear

Deserted Beaches

ferry. (see our article on “visiting Koh Larn”) The water here is crystal clear for snorkeling and the beaches are either rocky or have golden sand for sunbathing and fishing.

On Pattaya Beaches you will loads of opportunity to sit under the shade of an umbrella while the deck chair attendants will be happy to arrange food & drink or a foot massage or pedicure & manicure. The local beach sellers will tempt you with copy sunglasses, watches and DVDs while others will show you sarongs, t-shirts,table runners, carved and moulded ornaments plus an array of jewellery along with henna tattoo’s, hair-braiding and  nail painting.

Golden Sands

Local Beaches

At Pattaya Villa Rentals we will be happy to give you all the information you need to ensure you find the sort of beach you like to be at as everyone likes different styles: deserted with palm trees, busy with water-sports, good for fishing, good for snorkeling, great for restaurants and bars. You can choose and we will arrange your transport and anything else you need to make your holiday enjoyable.

The sun is hot so make sure you wear sunscreen and although the water is a bit murky looking this is only due to the fact that we are in a bay and the tide disturbs the silt and sand making the water look murky.

This article was written by name from Pattaya Villa Rentals. We have beautiful vacation homes in the heart of South

Jet-Ski, Paraglide, Banana Boat, Water-Ski

Great Fun

Pattaya. Staying with us often works out cheaper than staying in a Hotel. Visit us at: for loads more information about traveling throughout S.E Asia.

If you would like any other information on the Tours & Trips we can arrange for you to do during your holiday in Thailand please feel free to ask and we will be happy to help. Our Tours & Trips department is very knowledgeable on many places throughout S.E Asia including Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and obviously Thailand.