Any of the villa’s can be purchased as an investment

We are offering a no strings 7% guaranteed return on your investment for 2 years.

The day you buy the property and the company papers are transferred to you we also sign a 2 year lease to the value of 14% of the property price. We will continue to rent the property to our guests and after 24 months you can either re-new your lease with us or take full possession of the property.

We cover all costs relating to services at the villa and maintain the villa to its current standard throughout the term of the lease.

You are required to take out one of the many suitable property / buildings insurance policies available.

Your rental payments are paid directly to you on 1st every month during the term of the lease.

If you do some calculations, this option is extremely advantageous for any buyer.

If you are considering buying the entire company + 4 villas and running the business yourself. You should check the return on investment using our Company Income & Expenditure information.

Is there any finance available from the owners?