Stunning location with only 5 plots of land in a gated community in Huay Yai.


One property has already been completed and is FOR SALE.

5 plots available with each Land Plot approx. 1 Rai and perfectly suitable for building your dream home in Thailand.

4,200,000 THB

The plots are accessed along a private driveway, past the security/maintenance room and into a 6+ Rai plot of land with drainage and private lit road.

Obviously the road will be put in after the building works are completed.

Each plot has its own title deed which will include full access rights through the common ground (roadway).

Te entire plot is enclosed by a 2m block boundary wall.

The driveway is 60m from the public road. Entering the land through a sliding gate and into a parking and turning area with the security/maintenance room. The private land plots are on both sides with access road and suitable drainage.

Each plot has its own boundary walls already built with clearly marked plots from the planning department.

Views of the open fields, trees and mountains surround the area but with the extension of Highway 7 link to Bangkok and the new wider Huay Yai Road. This area is expanding very quickly.

If you are considering building or buying a home in Thailand you will be considering all the obvious questions.

location, security, flooding, neighbourhood, services, maintenance, build quality, price, access, finance etc…..

When you are choosing your location you must decide if you prefer:

In the City gives you the convenience of having everything on your doorstep.





Convenience Stores


Busy Streets

Lots of People



In the Countryside makes you travel a kilometre or 2 and you have.




Convenience Stores


Quiet Roads

Few People

Fantastic Views


The Bars and Restaurants are quieter and usually close around 11pm



As we intend to keep a house of our own at the land to live in when we are in Thailand it is important for us to consider security. Although Thailand does not have a particularly high crime rate I don’t want to leave it empty and vulnerable for months during the year.

We have already built a small home and security house at the community entrance for a couple to live and work.

We currently employ a suitable couple and would intend for them to remain and continue doing maintenance and security.



Flooding isn’t a problem at this piece of land. The land is sloped directly down to the public road and the slope continues on the other side of the public road.



The land is along a public road with very few houses. Farmed land on 2 sides, private land and house in front and adjacent to the boundary wall of the Panalee project on Soi K9. It is 1km to 7/11 – Tesco Express – Big C Extra – Small Bars and Restaurants. To South Pattaya it is 14km. There is a lake and beautiful palm tree lined dirt roads only a short walk away.


There is Electric, TOT, True, AIS, DTAC, 3BB

We are happy to recommend a good local building company if you need advice.

Huay Yai is approximately 15 km from Pattaya City centre, land in this area is increasing in value rapidly, and most have no boundary walls, which are very expensive to build.

The area is very quiet and peaceful with local shops, markets, temple, convenience stores, restaurants and bars.

The land for sale is 2 km from the temple and 1 km from Charknok reservoir. Lots of open fields, palm trees and natural Thai countryside.

Being only 20 minutes to Pattaya city centre has made this area very popular over the last 5 years, and with the new Bangkok motorway link being only a few km away this area has also become popular with commuters who work in Bangkok.

The noise and crowded streets of Pattaya are totally different from the lifestyle you can enjoy in the countryside and only minutes away from the city if you need to go to work or shopping.