Around 80% of businesses are worth between three and eight times their profit

Please note, it’s only a general rule but it’s generally correct!

This does not include the property/real estate – so in the case of our villas, the value of the property has been calculated and added separately.

Business valuations are based on a number of other important factors such as competition, location, number of years established, growth rate, Internet exposure, unexploited opportunities and so on.

There is a scale of 1 – 10 applied to any business valuation calculations which are based on these factors.

The business valuation rating is then multiplied by the annual profit of the company and the assets are then added to the value.

How to value a company: 

1. Business Valuation = Annual Profit multiplied by 1 – 10 depending on business factors.

Each business has been calculated and the business valuations rating came out as a value of between 4 & 5.

2. Property & Land Valuation= Professional Valuation

Each villa has been valued by Kasikorn Bank Mortgage Valuation Team.

3. Furniture, Fixtures & Fittings.

Each villa has a full Inventory and current values.

This method of business valuation is the common and an easy way to accurately determine the value of any business worldwide.

Each Company/Villa has been valued with all individual assets, which all well exceed the owners asking price.

The owner is offering a cheaper sales price than the business valuations to ensure a competitive market price is proposed to serious investors, and a suitable buyer is found in the near future.

Prospective buyers are welcome to get any professional bank valuations or any other inspections when viewing the company’s or their assets.

The guarantee of owner finance or the 7% return on investment offers make this an excellent opportunity for any investors, and the fair market price of the individual villas make it a a great home to live in if you are not interested in continuing the business.